We’ve Inherited a Dam Problem: Extended Cut

DAMS HAVE A LIFETIME JUST LIKE EVERYTHING ELSE, AND THE DAM-BUILDING MANIA OF THE EARLY 20TH CENTURY HAS LEFT US WITH SEVERAL DAMNING PROBLEMS DOTTED ACROSS THE LANDSCAPE. Last year, I stood on top of the Alder Dam in the state of Washington, USA. Morning had shifted to afternoon, and sun rays beamed through clouds… Continue reading We’ve Inherited a Dam Problem: Extended Cut


Sediment Dredging Harms Miami Coral Reef

Corals are being stressed by so many things nowadays. For example, they must cope with living in warmer water that can lead to coral bleaching and die-off. On top of this, humans are making the situation even worse by dredging up coral reefs and smothering nearby reefs with the dredged sediment. Sedimentation on reefs can… Continue reading Sediment Dredging Harms Miami Coral Reef