Watch my Skype A Scientist LIVE session

I just had a blast on my Skype A Scientist Live session today! We chatted all about about mud, mangroves, sea-level, and how humans interact with coastlines (for better or worse). I answered your questions and showed some cool props from the field. If you weren't able to join me live, or just want to… Continue reading Watch my Skype A Scientist LIVE session


Just Launched: My Science Writing Project!

If you've followed my previous posts, you know that I have been working on developing and implementing a Science Writing Intervention in undergraduate science courses. My ultimate goal is to empower science students with communications skills to help them succeed in their early careers. I successfully implemented the intervention last academic quarter, and I am now moving on to… Continue reading Just Launched: My Science Writing Project!

Making My Way From Mountains To Mud: Part 2

With the March for Science coming up, I've been thinking a lot about science advocacy and the public's relationship with science. I've learned that distrust between scientists and the general public goes both ways and that scientists have a responsibility to be both a voice for science as well as an ear to the public. Luckily for me,… Continue reading Making My Way From Mountains To Mud: Part 2