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Sediment-Dynamics Research

My primary research investigates sediment transport from source to sink, mountains to deep sea, focusing on the interaction between sediment- and hydro- dynamics in the fluvial-marine transition zone.

Education Research

 I apply the same scientific rigor and inquiry to my role as an educator and research how to more effectively teach students scientific content and crosscutting skills like communication.

You can find more details in my Research Statement (updated September 2019).

My Research Background:

I received a BS in Geology from the College of Charleston, a coastal university that facilitated my interests in human-ocean interactions. While pursuing my degree, I worked for the South Carolina Geological Survey studying sediment transport and erosion mitigation efforts in many small rivers. In 2014, I moved to the University of Washington and joined the Sediment Dynamics Group in Oceanography (Marine Geology and Geophysics) to continue research in coastal sediment dynamics, particularly in response to anthropogenic alteration and climate change. My research there focused on fine-grained sediment transport and morphologic development in Vietnam’s Mekong Delta and Brazilian tidal channels. After earning my PhD in 2020, I’ve moved back to the Southeast Lowcountry. Now, I am an assistant professor of geology at the College of Coastal Georgia studying coastal morphodynamics along the Georgia coast.