Watch my Skype A Scientist LIVE session

I just had a blast on my Skype A Scientist Live session today! We chatted all about about mud, mangroves, sea-level, and how humans interact with coastlines (for better or worse). I answered your questions and showed some cool props from the field. If you weren't able to join me live, or just want to… Continue reading Watch my Skype A Scientist LIVE session


Sneak Peak at Science-Writing Intervention Results!

All of the blind reviews are in and results look good! Here, I'm showing how student-writing scores changed from before taking the class to after taking the class. By comparing the average change in score from the control group with the intervention group, we can see that students who went through the intervention improved more… Continue reading Sneak Peak at Science-Writing Intervention Results!

It Takes a Village to Train a Student

You know that old saying it takes a village to raise a child? My science-writing project has taken me on a crash course in student rearing, and let me tell you, it takes a village. There is a reason why most science students don’t receive formal writing training from their home department… it’s hard. It… Continue reading It Takes a Village to Train a Student

Just Launched: My Science Writing Project!

If you've followed my previous posts, you know that I have been working on developing and implementing a Science Writing Intervention in undergraduate science courses. My ultimate goal is to empower science students with communications skills to help them succeed in their early careers. I successfully implemented the intervention last academic quarter, and I am now moving on to… Continue reading Just Launched: My Science Writing Project!

A Science Communication Intervention: Audience and Framing

I am currently intervening in an undergraduate-level science course. Along with the basic science, students will learn how to communicate their ideas and perspectives effectively. Here’s what we are discussing this week: Audience and Framing. We all have a unique perspective, and everything your audience sees and hears is filtered through their perspective, regardless of what… Continue reading A Science Communication Intervention: Audience and Framing