Sneak Peak at Science-Writing Intervention Results!

All of the blind reviews are in and results look good!

Here, I’m showing how student-writing scores changed from before taking the class to after taking the class. By comparing the average change in score from the control group with the intervention group, we can see that students who went through the intervention improved more than those who didn’t in every evaluation category. These differences were significant in the categories of sentence structure, paragraph structure, word choice, demonstration, and overall change.

Now, I want to know what type of student this intervention is best suited for. Undergraduate or graduate students? Those with better or worse initial writing skills? Those with a higher or lower GPA? After I know who benefits the most, I will tailor my outreach to get this curriculum into classes where it can make the most difference.

Thanks again to everyone who has supported this campaign by donating to the campaign, serving as a reviewer, or just spreading the word. I couldn’t have done this without you generous support.

Stay tuned for more results in a couple weeks!


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