Just Launched: My Science Writing Project!

If you’ve followed my previous posts, you know that I have been working on developing and implementing a Science Writing Intervention in undergraduate science courses. My ultimate goal is to empower science students with communications skills to help them succeed in their early careers. I successfully implemented the intervention last academic quarter, and I am now moving on to evaluating the project with a blind review. After the intervention is evaluated, I plan to publish the results in a peer-reviewed journal, revise and package the curriculum for public use, and post the intervention curriculum online open access.

To continue moving forward, the evaluation will need the generous support of time and funding.

Here is how you can help:

  1. Donate to my campaign. I have just launched a crowd-sourcing campaign and am relying on the generous support of my friends, colleagues, family, and the public to help me achieve my goals. Your donation will go directly towards funding the assessment phase of this project.
  2. Sign up to be a reviewer. Reviewers must be a professional in a STEM (Science Technology, Engineering, Math) career, and, yes, graduate students are considered professionals. Reviewers will be given a detailed rubric to guide them in their evaluations and will receive $10 in compensation per review they complete. Each review should take <15 minutes of your time.
  3. Share this information with your own colleagues, friends, and family! As with all crowdfunding campaigns, word of mouth will go a long way in helping us reach our goals.

Please reach out if you have any questions or suggestions for this project.


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